Mc Farland Pavilion


“HE who began a good work at SPADE more than 30 years ago is continuing it”.

It has been more than three years that Charlotte McFarland went home to be with the Lord and she is greatly missed. Soon after Charlotte’s passing, Howard moved to Colorado to be with his daughters and now lives close to many grandchildren. With the loss of Charlotte, Lou Schimpf, Director of SPADE at that time proposed the idea that we remodel the little cottage on the property in memory of Charlotte. This building was not being used and was deteriorating.

The Board of Directors adopted the idea of modifying the cottage into a pavilion structure with picnic tables under roof and a fire place built at one end. The structure will be named “The McFarland Pavilion” to honor both Howard and Charlotte, the founders of SPADE.

We are excited to report that despite the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the pavilion is nearing completion. This past spring Steve McFarland brought up his equipment and in one day the cottage was razed. In September the work began on constructing the new pavilion, and it was completed a week later. There is still work to do to pour cement and add electricity, but we are glad that we will shortly be able to see groups using the pavilion.
We sincerely thank all who have given towards this project.

Our desire is to honor the founders, Howard and Charlotte McFarland, show Christian love and hospitality to the many guests who come to SPADE and above all bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



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